Maternity photo shoots are by far one of my favorites. I love documenting the connection between the couple who is sharing this remarkable experience. They are on the verge of something really wonderful, but for now, it is still just the couple and a dream. Yes, the baby is THERE, but there is still so much unknown. The baby is wrapped inside leaving the parents filled with so much wonder and anticipation. And even with that unknown, there is a connection with the baby as well. When I look at the maternity pictures I make, my heart pitter-patters. This is the start of a family and it is grand!

Meet Brittany, Stuart and Soon-to-be Baby Gracie:


Quinn Maternity

This is my friend Jessica and her sweet family. I know Jessica through her sister, Yessenia who is one of my best friends. We grew up around the block from each other in Austin, TX. Jessica was a few years younger than Yessenia and me, so we didn’t play together too often (seriously, little sisters are supposed to be annoying, right? LOL! I don’t ever remember Jessica being THAT little sister, but still…haha!) Back then, I was pretty much a fixture at their house. Their mother nicknamed me “Kimmie” like DJ Tanner’s best friend from Full House…I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. LOL! Nooo, I know she meant it endearingly…right? Anyways, that was from about 3rd grade to freshman year of high school for me and then, they moved far, far away to Dallas, TX. Luckily, we stayed in touch and years later, as fate would have it, I moved just about 10 minutes away. Of course, living so close and having known each other pretty much our whole lives, we started to get to know each other again. That has been such a joy to me! I love seeing Jessica as an equal and not just my friend’s little sister. Plus, Jessica and I have a lot of the same interests. For one, Jessica and I both have degrees in Psychology. Also, as many of you know, I worked in OBGYN for 6 years and have since become a “birth junkie” and a birth photographer. Well, Jessica has since become an L&D nurse, so obviously that makes for fun conversations for us. I just love that I can talk birth with her and it doesn’t freak her out. Yay, birth! Haha!

Aaannnddd, that brings me to this! Jessica is expecting her second baby! Jessica and her husband, John already have one of the cutest and sweetest little boys ever, Liam. Gawww! Look how cute he is!! They certainly could not out-do him with another boy, so this time around they are having a beloved baby girl!

Meet Jessica, John, Liam and soon-to-be Harper Grace:

It’s a Small World

I am a member of a Birth Photography group here in the Dallas area. One day, a girl named Stefanie asked if anyone was available for her upcoming due date to photograph her birth. I immediately threw my name in the hat. We chatted back and forth for a while, and shortly thereafter, we discovered that our husbands both work for the same company. Wow! How cool is that? Stefanie and I decided to plan a play date for our kiddos and so we could meet in person. I cannot describe just how cool that meeting was. It felt like Stefanie and I were long lost sisters or something. We had so much in common! Her and I both got married in 2008 and our kids are only 1 month apart in age. We have similar parenting styles and philosophies on life. We both left our previous careers to become birth photographers. And, it’s really kind of a big deal that both of our husbands work for the same company. That means we live the same kind of lifestyle which most people just don’t understand. We talked for HOURS. It was an instant connection! And, the funny thing is, she is from Germany. It took me meeting someone from all the way around the world to find someone with whom I have some much in common. Like I said, small world. Since then, our families have become friends and I had the honor of photographing her maternity session with her husband, Andrew and their son, Finnley who has got to be the most adorable little boy ever with those blue, blue eyes…I die! Stefanie and Andrew make such cute babies, I can hardly wait to see how gorgeous Miss Amelia will be.

Meet Stefanie, Andrew, Finnley and Soon-to-be Baby Amelia:

Soon-to-be Baby Tripp

I met Heather at my previous job. I was a social worker and she’s a licensed professional counselor. We worked in a high stress environment, but this girl was always there to help provide some much needed perspective and comic relief. She helped me keep my sanity among literal craziness (and I’m not talking about the consumers), and she was fantastically funny just when I needed it. Sometimes, it was just a clever joke and other times, it was her busting a move in the hallway. You know, whatev! LOL! I really do miss seeing her sweet smile everyday, but we have stayed in touch, so I’m happy about that! And, of course, I was thrilled when she asked me to photograph her growing family. It was such an honor for me to get to document this special time in her life. She looks absolutely stunning with her mommy glow and oh-so-perfect baby belly! I love it! The hubs and pup aren’t too shabby either. 😉

Meet the lovely Heather and her three favorite boys- Clint, Mr. Bear and the soon-to-be Baby Tripp. Aren’t they a good looking family?!!

The Three Bears: Shirey Maternity Part II

Alas, I have Shirey’s second maternity shoot is ready! I like the images from this shoot so much that I had a hard time picking my favorites. They are all so good! Now, all that is left is the anticipation of Baby Bear’s arrival in February/March 2014. 🙂

Miss the images from the first shoot? Here’s a link to Part I:

The Three Bears: Shirey Maternity Part I

You’ve met these two before. This is Mama Bear and Papa Bear, and just in case you didn’t know, they have a Baby Bear hibernating inside that belly! Eeeekkk! So exciting! This is soon-to-be Baby Bear Brennyn. Below are images from Part I of their maternity photo shoot. Baby Bear is oh-so-loved that we just couldn’t fit everything we wanted to document into one day. Part I was shot indoors two weeks ago and today, we shot Part II outdoors at a beautiful park. I love these images so much and there are still more amazing images to come! I can hardly wait to show y’all! In the meantime, these will have to hold you over until I finish applying my magic to the others. Enjoy!

p.s. Isn’t Elise gorgeous? I had the best time editing these. She is just so stunning!

UPDATE: Part II is ready!

Roberts Maternity

Meet Stephen, Nadia and the soon-to-be Penelope Marlowe. I met Nadia through a mutual friend and I was thrilled when she allowed me the opportunity to do a maternity photo shoot for her. Nadia was so sweet and Stephen was so funny! It was quite easy to see what a great couple they make. They are just 2 very cool people…and they are multiplying! Let just hope the world can handle what Sweet Penelope will have to offer! 😉

P.S. Nadia has the most photogenic baby belly in the history of ever! Just look at her!